Simple Buying Checklist
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Outside the home
Do trees and shrubs appear healthy?  Are large trees at least 30 feet from the house?
Is the lot sloped for proper drainage?  Are there low spots near the house?
Do outdoor electrical outlets have ground fault current interrupters to prevent shock?  Are they properly shielded from the elements?
Is the outdoor lighting adequate?
Are there outdoor faucets or a sprinkler system?
Are sidewalks and driveways in good condition?  Will water drain off them?
Is the house's surface in good repair?  Are there cracks where materials meet at two walls or at windows and walls?
Do windows, doors and chimney sit plumb and square?
Is the roof free from sags and dips?  Are the shingles in good condition?
Do foundation walls have cracks larger than 1/4 inch wide?
Are gutters in good shape, with tight seams and do the downspouts point away from the house?
The Floor Plan
Is the home divided into three distinct zones for working, living and sleeping?
Are eating areas (including those outdoors) easily accessible from the kitchen?
Does traffic through the kitchen flow outside the work area?
Are the stove, sink and refrigerator just steps apart in an efficient triangular configuration?
Do open appliance doors block doorways, cabinets or each other?
Do bedrooms have two uninterrupted wall surfaces for easy furniture arrangement?
Are baths accessible without having to cross a bedroom or other living space?
Does the main entry lead guests directly into a living space or does it make them figure out which way to go?
Basement to attic
Do basement walls have large cracks that indicate a shifting foundation?  Mildew stains that indicate dampness or past flooding?  Is the unheated basement's ceiling insulated?
Are exposed beams and joists in good condition?
Is the attic well- insulated?  Is there any evidence of water damage from a leaky roof?  Is it properly ventilated?
Are floors springy and do they slope?  Are they even and sturdy?
Are the walls, particularly at door frames and windows, free from large cracks?
Do all doors and windows work smoothly?
Are bathroom fixtures in good condition?  Does the faucets water flow remain steady when toilets are flushed?  Does the water drain well?
Are there enough well placed electrical outlets in the rooms?  Are bathroom and kitchen outlets ground fault protected? Does the electrical service to the house match its current electrical needs?
Is the capacity and recovery time of the water heater adequate for your family?  Does the water heater show signs of rust?  Is the water heater in a location that will not cause major damage should it happen to fail?
Do kitchen appliances seem in good condition?  Do any come with the sale?  Which do not?  Will your appliance fit in the present spaces if need be?
Do furnace and/or air conditioning unit(s) appear well serviced?  Is the blower quiet?


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