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Home Buying Tips


How Much House Can You Afford?

Most people have a general idea of how much they feel comfortable spending.  It's equally important how much the lender calculates you can afford.  By using the Lender Information Worksheet provided me, you'll be able to organize the many details required during the financing application process....

What Type of House Do You Want?

Next you will want to define your needs, tastes and preferences for your new home.  This is easier than it sounds when you use the Home Buyer's Analysis that we can provide you.  It helps you quickly determine your requirements. 

Choosing A Neighborhood

Bricks and boards may determine the cost of the home, but a neighborhood determines not only the initial value of the home but its resale potential.  Many a dollar has been lost by both buyer and seller because they only examined the home and not its location.

Picking The Right Home

Your new house has to feel right - but emotions aside, it has to work right too.  Your first priority is to make sure that you house is in sound condition.  This is why a professional building inspector or appraiser should be one of your first steps when purchasing a home.  Use his or her report to make informed decisions.   
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A Simple Home Buying Checklist

When looking for a home, it is easy to be overwhelmed by emotion and cosmetic improvements.  Unfortunately, it is often the overlooked items that can in time come back to bite the new homeowner.  Click below to see a simple, basic checklist of some of the items you should be looking at as you make your buying decision.
A Simple Home Buying Checklist

Of Interest

Credit Tips:

Your personal credit is one of your most precious possessions. Click below to see how you can improve your personal credit rating

Questions For Your Lender:

Meeting with you home lender can be a daunting experience.  Click below to find out what questions you should ask him

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Questions Your Lender May Ask You:

Just as you should be prepared to ask your lender questions, you can be sure that he will have some questions for you as well.  When meeting with a prospective lender, your best bet is to be prepared.  Click below to find out some of the questions you will be asked by you lender.